Candidates for the 2016 Board Elections

Secretary - Katie Stong

I am interested in being on the board for the secretary position. I have been with Next Stage Productions from the beginning and I would like to be more involved within it. I am still learning a lot about production companies and how shows are run. I want to continue learning and become more involved with Next Stage. I feel like I can bring a lot of ideas and professionalism to our board. For the last two years I have been serving as a secretary on the board for Phoenix Services, which is a non profit company that has been functioning for twenty years. It will be a new experience that I would like to do.

Treasurer - Christian Smith

Serving on the board is a place where I feel I can actually help NSP even with the little experience that I have. My time around theater is relatively short thus far, but I have come to appreciate the art-form greatly and have enjoyed being able to participate in it. I am interested in serving on the board for a few reasons. First, as a premed student I am always looking to beef up my resume with opportunities such as leadership. I think that serving on a board would appear impressive to medical school admissions committees, and my experiences there would give me something awesome to talk about during interviews. Second, the experience I assume would be beneficial to me in that I would learn more about the processes involved in being on a board. It would also provide opportunities to better get to know the members of NSP. Third, as already mentioned, a board position would give me a way in which I feel capable to serve the group.
I am quite an organized and motivated person, and thus I feel I would be successful in any of the tasks presented me as treasurer. I am responsible, and therefore confident that I will fulfill my assigned responsibilities promptly, efficiently, and effectively. I feel qualified and able to fulfill the leadership, clerical, and organizational duties that would be assigned to me. If appointed I will do my very best

Vice Chair - Darren Maxfield

My name is Darren and I’m running for Vice Chair of the Next Stage Productions board. With my dad being a high school drama teacher, I was literally raised in the theatre. Since then, I have worked professionally in theatre for over 27 years. In that span of years, I have worked on hundreds of productions in scores of venues across a dozen states. I started with set construction and follow-spot operation, then stage crew, sound engineer, light board-op, and stage manager. I’ve designed lights, props, and scenery. I have supervised crews, managed production budgets, overseen hiring and HR processes, and worked to safeguard individual rights and intellectual property. I have worked as technical director, director, and producer. I’ve worked on shows with budgets from $500 to $260,000 and gone from seeing my name misspelled or left off programs, to seeing my name in a New York Playbill. Between my day job and freelance work, I continue to expand my deep experience in most every production discipline.

During my career, I’ve worked on some amazing productions, and some that were just painful. I’ve loved every minute of some, while I bitterly endured others just to get the paycheck. I’ve seen enough of what helps and what hurts a show to understand why common practices exist, and to recognize dangerous patterns. I didn’t choose this career because it was fun or easy, or even because I love it (which I do). I choose to work in theatre because I have seen first-hand the compassionate, educational, nurturing, ennobling, edifying, force that is unique to this industry. I volunteer my time and experience to Next Stage because this company has amazing potential, and I strongly endorse its mission and values. I have invested over a thousand hours to date because want this company to succeed. More importantly, I want this company to operate according to its values, and to move continually toward its mission.
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