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"An Ideal Husband"

Another of Wilde's social satires, 'An Ideal Husband' revolves around the lives of two men, successful political figure Sir Robert Chiltern and his friend the uninspired but utterly charming Lord Arthur Goring. Chiltern's life is perfect thanks to the help of his loving and brilliant wife Gerturde and the support of his quick witted sister Mabel. Goring's life is one of lounging, flirting with Mabel, and avoiding his father's insistence that he should marry. The world of these men is turned upside down by the arrival of old acquaintance Mrs. Laura Cheveley who has come with blackmail in mind. Chiltern could lose everything including Gertrude. It is up to his wife and Goring to confront this dilemma, but it could risk Goring's chances to finally win over Mabel. As the comments and lies begin to fly about, it's revealed that the man thought to be perfect is flawed, the man with all the flaws must do something right, and the question remains: what makes an ideal husband?

Written by Max Vaughn
Performances will be Jul. 29, 30, and August 1, 5,6, 8th in the Little Theatre of Clearfield City’s Community Arts Center at 7:00 pm.
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"Shivers and Shakes(peare)"was a lot of fun! Thank you to everyone who came and supported us!

This show is a compilation of spooky Shakespeare scenes, Edgar Allan Poe readings and other Halloween-themed classic literature and music. This is a great opportunity especially designed for students and families to sample great literature in a fun Halloween event.

Performances will be Oct. 17th and 19th in the Little Theatre of Clearfield City’s Community Arts Center at 7:00 pm

Arabian Nights
August 27-31, 2015
Arabian Nights was a great success! Thank you to everyone who came and supported us!
Next Stage Productions presents an original theatrical version of Arabian Nights!
Our production of Arabian Nights will center on the power of the word.  In all versions of this story, Scheherazade uses words to create the stories that save her life.  In our play, Scheherazade not only uses words to create her stories, she also shows the Sultan how his words can shape his reality and destiny.  In our story, words bring order to chaos, empower peace over conflict and replace ignorance with knowledge.

Next Stage Productions believes that the power of the written and spoken word is truly strong enough to change the lives and destinies of individuals, communities, and the world.  Arabian Nights is our tribute to that ideal.